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Face Cover Designed For Fashion And Comfort

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Covers your nose, eyes, and mouth, it works as a barrier when you subconsciously reach for these parts and draws the attention whenever you fall into your habit

Face Cover Designed For Fashion And Comfort

Do you know?

The average person touches their face 23 times per hour!

Why should we wear them now?

For now, For safety, For your family!

Face Cover Designed For Fashion And Comfort

Here are some points:

  • People are much less likely to touch their face when wearing a face shield
  • Maybe you need to put a barrier or some kind of restriction, whatever it would take, to not touch your face
  • (Wearing this is) very effective for changing the unconscious behavior
  • You can still wear your own glasses while you are wearing this

Face Cover Designed For Fashion And Comfort

Safe and comfortable, the full face protective cap provides more comprehensive coverage and protects the face from saliva flying into the air.

Face Cover Designed For Fashion And Comfort

Compatible with Glasses and Face Masks,While Covering the eyes,nose and mouth,This Product has been thoughtfully designed and is suitable for any indoor or outdoor activity

Face Cover Designed For Fashion And Comfort

High-density polyethylene casing, which prevents chemicals, saliva droplets, and paints from splashing into the eyes. This protects your eyes and face well.


Face Cover Designed For Fashion And Comfort

  • The texture of material:Polycarbonate lens
  • purpose:Anti ,Shelter from wind and sand
  • Widen the side wing of glasses to better protect the side wing from splashing.
  • Size: L/M
  • can be sterilized at 120 ° high temperature.

Package Included:

    • 1 x Face Cover Designed for Fashion and Comfort


  • Doesn't it fog up?
  • It is coated with fog and scratch-resistant coatings to mitigate fogging and minor scratches on the shield’s surface. Given the nature of the product, It should be washed with soap and water daily after use. Doing so will not only keep it clean, but also increase its resistance to fogging, as soap is a highly-effective anti-fog agent.

  • Can I wear it while wearing eyeglasses?
  • Yes, it is compatible with eyeglasses. Simply remove the nose-rest and wear it on top

  • Do you offer worldwide shipping ?
  • Yes, we offer shipping for all countries.

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  • In most cases, yes. However, if the project has already started to ship perks, or if you need to change your country,

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  • When do the Product ship?
  • Our products are available in stock. Usually the warehouse takes 2 working days to prepare,

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About us 
We devoted all our time and effort developing Ranblf over the past four months. Thanks to 3D-printing, we were able to create a number of prototype iterations, conduct extensive product testing, and refine every aspect of the design to ensure comfort, style, and functionality.

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