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Neck Tension Reliever™️

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Release the accumulated tension in the cervical muscles and the vertebral column with the Neck Tension Reliever. A natural relaxation method ideal to combat headaches and pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Its design is optimal to relieve muscular strain and improve circulation, providing deep relaxation in the targeted areas


Neck Tension Reliever gently cradling your neck and removing the pressure and weight of your head off of it, the Neck Tension Reliever soothes your pain while also correcting spinal alignment in just 10 - 15 mins daily.


What is the Neck Tension Reliever?

The Neck Tension Reliever is a comfortable neck support device that will relieve neck pain and soreness. The Neck Tension Reliever is scientifically and orthopedically designed to cradle your neck along the base of the skull for maximum relief of pain and tension.

Safely supporting the neck and head, the relaxer promotes proper cervical spinal alignment with gentle traction to effectively relieve chronic neck pain and pressure caused by slouched posture. The open design comfortable cradles heads of all shapes and sizes.

The Neck Tension Reliever cradles your head and neck allowing your neck and shoulder muscles to rest in a fully relaxed position. They are great to be used to recharge after a stressful day, it is perfect for use at home and while you travel.


  • Unique patented design utilizes the weight of the head to give traction to the neck
  • Relax your neck and shoulders
  • Can relieve eye strain and can break recurrent pain cycles and headaches
  • Aid in the treatment of other conditions (i.e., TMJ - temporomandibular joint pain, back pain, eye pain, and headaches)
  • Especially helpful when reading or watching T.V. in bed.
  • Holds the head up, so you don't  strain your neck muscles


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