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The Car Cream™ - Bring Color Back to Your Car In Minutes

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The Closest Feeling to Driving a New Car Again


"I've tried a lot of different products trying to get the plastic on my Car to come back to life and stay that way for a decent amount of time, not just until the first time that it rains. This has been by far the best thing that I've found as far as durability.
It goes on pretty easily and wipes off just as easily. Really the only thing I care about is, will it streak the second it hits a little bit of water.....and it DOESN'T streak.
I put some of this on maybe sometime in December and it really just started to wear off now which is the end of March. It's been through weekly car washes and a lot of harsh weather so as far as I'm concerned it's a win.
One bottle of this will last a long time, you don't need to use a ton of it, so I'm quite pleased."

Kath J.

Enjoy Driving a Nice Looking Car! Make it Shine as a New One In Seconds!

  • This Magic Agent produces a deep shine, polished surface, and longer-lasting protection than anything else on the market!
  • Stop using inferior sealants, carnauba topcoat waxes, and polishes made with old science and technology. This will last and shine on all of you!
  • No stains and safe for every surface This formula is safe to apply to every surface without worrying about white residue or streaks!

  • NANO ceramic coating After painting with this ceramic coating kit, a protective layer will be covered on the car body, protect your car from salt spray corrosion, bird dropping, UV light, scratches, crushed stones, and iron files, etc.
  • Hydrophobic and high gloss. Our product gives your car a hydrophobic coating on the surface, by the way, get a waxing effect, give you a clean and shiny car back.

  • Scratch-resistant With super ceramic hydrophobic glass car coating on the car, the coated layer on the surface can be used for car paint protection.
  • Free fog Leave a clean, clear layer of anti-fog protection on your lens. Use daily without fog for best results.

Easy to use

Wrap the fabric over the sponge. Pour the liquid on the cloth. Apply the liquid to the car. Wait for 1 to 3 minutes for the liquid to dry.


Capacity: 100 ml
Net Weight: 3.5 oz


1 * AutoPlastic Refurbishment Paste

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