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180° Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask

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🏊‍♀The newest 180° Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask can make you free breathing with 180 panoramic view. Available for both adults&kids and your best friend in this summer!


  • FULL FACE DESIGN-Our snorkel mask provides a viewing area. Makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling.
  • DRY SNORKEL&ANTI-FOGGING-Stops salt water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging. This innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing visor that helps eliminates fogging and will keep you snorkeling longer.

  • FOLDED-SNORKEL DESIGN-By eliminating the falling-off problem of the snorkel, you will never worry about the falling-off or leakage during your snorkeling; This mask will serve you for a long time and perfectly solves the non-folding snorkel masks' problem and the installation difficulties, like easily damaging the buckle and easily lose your snorkel mask.
  • BEGINNER&YOUTH FRIENDLY-Breathing with this mask is so easy, even for not experienced swimmers. It also comes with a detachable Mount, so you can easily attach your action camera there.

🏊‍♀Package Includes:

1×180° Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask (Give A Pair Of Waterproof Earplugs For Each)


Pull the straps of the mask over your head and check that the mask sits fittingly on your face. Breath normally to check for any leaks in the mask: if you feel a slight pressure change when you breath, then it is sealed very good, otherwise please kindly adjust the mask strap size and try again.


Once in the water, swim on the surface and breathe calmly through your mouth or nose. If you feel light-headed, resurface and remove the mask immediately. Keeping your chin slightly up will create the best breathing experience. If you feel any obstruction to your breathing, it may be due to the snorkel being covered in water temporarily, but the dry top snorkel design will prevent water from entering through the top of the snorkel. If water leaks into your mask, simply lift your head out of the water and it will drain through the chin valve - no need to take off your mask to clear it from water.


  • Do not go deep diving!!! Only for snorkeling!!!
  • Must keep the top of the breathing chamber out of the water!!!

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