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Football Bungee – Ultimate Solo Soccer Trainer

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During the lockdown, the best way to practice is to practice alone. Our football solo-trainer is the best solution for you and your ever-active kids. No need for a training partner anymore! Keep them busy. Keep them entertained. And watch them improving every day.

What separates the best football players from the average? The number of touches with the ball and the time they spend training. With this Football-Solo Trainer, you have never been closer to achieving your football kids’ dreams.

Move Your Game To The Next Level !

NO NEED FOR A TRAINING PARTNER – During the lockdown, the best way to practice is to practice alone. Our football solo-trainer is the best solution for your ever-active kids. Keep them busy. Keep them entertained.

MASTER BALL CONTROL – The cord produces a strong rebound that is perfect for practicing your receiving and ball control. The Football Solo-Trainer takes your training sessions to the next level. If you want to be an elite player, you have to train like one!

GET FASTER REACTION – You will have to react quickly, which is key to perform in the modern, fast-paced football. 

BECOME BETTER AT PASSING – You can pass in whatever direction and height you want. This is the type of realistic training you need.

FORGET THE CHASE – Stop wasting time chasing the ball. Increase your repetitions and effectiveness of your training sessions.


1. Hands-free trainer allows players to maximize the number of touches on the ball with more mobility.

2. Ball sleeve and belt turns your ball into a solo kick and return trainer.

3. Adjustable belt with fastener tape fits most athletes.

4. Stretch your football training to the limit without chasing the ball.

What Can You Be Trained For

Elite Touch

Increased Training Efficiency

Ball Control Mastery

Perfected Passing Technique


Perfect Solo training – This new evolution soccer kick trainer is perfect for solo training

Adjustable waist belt – belt strap is adjustable to fit waist sizes. Great football training aid for kids and adults

Adjustable stretchy strap – 4.5ft elastic strap stretches to 10ft. Perfect for altering the length the ball will kick out to and for adapting to different environments such as back yards

Flexible for different sized balls, fits ball sizes 3, 4 and 5. It can helps with developing skills like ball control, passing, touch and reaction.

GET MULTI-ASPECT TRAINING – Shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control, throw-ins, all of these training program only needs the solo kick trainer.

Package Include:

  • Adjustable Cord x 1
  • Waistband x 1
  • Ball Glove x 1

How To Use:

Step 1 – Pass one side of the hook & loop through the hole of the fixed buckle.
Step 2 – Pass the other side of the hook & loop through another hole.
Step 3 – Pull the hook & loop on both sides and adjust them to the right position.

Step 4 – Fixed the velcro and start your training.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How far does it stretch?

A1: It stretches to a max length of 5.5m. The string attaching to the ball is also adjustable, so you can shorten it or make it looser.

Q2: Will it rip?

A2: No. Unless you have 99 shot power like Roberto Carlos, it will not rip. And if it does, contact us and we will ship you a new piece.

Q3: What ball sizes does it fit?

A3: Any ball of size 3 and up.

Q4: Does it come with a ball?

A4: No balls are included, only the solo-trainer including adjustable cord, waistband, and ball glove.

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