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High-Precision Electronic Measuring Ruler

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Step into the future with this smart electronic laser ruler and kick clumsy measurement tools! 

The High Precision Electronic Measuring Ruler introduces you to a new way of measuring.  It cuts out the complexity and hassles you get from old-style measurement tools such as tape.

Due to its simplicity, it's an excellent choice for tech enthusiasts or designers as well as everyday users.

No matter the shape of the object, this tool can measure it with ease. This includes soft objects, flat surfaces, or irregular surfaces such as an inclined piece of cloth.

You can also take the diameter measurement of any circular object by rolling the device around it.

You can make use of its memory function that saves previous measurements. 

Taking precision to the next level 

Our product brings together flexibility, convenience, and ultra-precision.

It carries 8 functions in all which include measurements for linear, arcs, arbitrary curves, irregular surfaces,  accumulative, measurement prompt beep, and a switch unit.

It is easy to operate as you just need to roll it on the surface of the item you are measuring. You can also choose your preferred settings to take your measurements in cm or inches. To use, press the face for a few seconds and the display will light up with digits ready for use. 

It has a ranging distance of up to 9.99 meters from which you can take a single measurement. Accumulated ranging distance extends up to 99.99 meters. 



  •  Ultra-precision measurements

It has a high accuracy level of 0.5 percent along with support for step-less adjustment. This gives you the slightest variations in measurements that can capture the most minute dimensions. 


  •  Portable and compact

It has a slim body and is very lightweight. This makes it quite convenient and practical for use anywhere you go. It’s travel-friendly because you can easily tuck it into your luggage or pocket without it being conspicuous. 


  • High Definition LCD Screen

It has high clarity and a smooth screen giving sharply visible readings.  No straining or guessing to know your measurements. 


  • Direct charge, 200 days long standby

Itslithium battery will offer you a long standby time of 200 days. You can expect extended performance without worrying about power. 


  • Durability and long life

It's a tough and resilient device able to withstand shock even when it falls. It is constructed with rugged features such as impact resistance, scratch resistance, and compression resistance. It will give long valuable service without aging. These core components give you 100, 000 more times long life. 

Technical specifications

Color: black

Working principle: laser

Ranging distance: 10m

Battery: 200mAh 0.74wh

Backlight time: 30-180 seconds


1 x High Precision Electronic  Measuring Ruler

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