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Pelvic Pillow - Orthopedic Leg Pillow With Memory Foam

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Sleep Comfortably On Your Side Through The Night With Our Orthopedic Leg Pillow! 

The Pelvic Pillow™ is the world's first anatomical cushion in triangle shape with a position memory effect that helps you with your back problems, allowing you to sleep on your side and solve the root cause of pain caused by side sleeping.

It lines up your spine along with your hip and knees, stabilizing your posture while resting. Another factor the rest triangle helps you with is by relieving pressure from head to toe by reducing inflammation on the central nervous system.

As a side sleeper, you don’t sleep perfectly straight. Your top leg drops in front of you putting pressure on your back, your hip joints twist & your knees touch, causing pain.

The Pelvic Pillow is the best leg pillow cushion for those looking for relief as the cushion comfortably supports your legs & knees to provide proper sleeping alignment & positioning to eliminate those painful pressure points.

It gives your body its natural posture back by contributing to the perfect functioning of your vital organs.

The PelvicPillow™ is specifically designed for:

Scoliosis, herniated cervical and dorsal disk, sciatica, low back pain discomfort, hip deviation or hip problems, Post surgical in hip, knees and back surgeries to release pressure and soothe pain, arthrosis and arthritis, neck straightening and cervical problems, migraines, myalgia and headaches, fibromyalgia, Pregnant women, athletes and sportspeople, whether professional or amateur.


  • Latest Technology: PelvicPillow™ in-house production with the latest Memory Foam ITShape™ technology.

  • Usable Anytime: Light weight so you can take it with you anywhere.

  • Material : The cover is made of soft plush material, does not stain easily and is very breathable.

  • Ergonomic Design: The rest triangle has an ergonomic design adaptable to any type of body, weight and position. It can thus be used both on your legs and cervical vertebrae.

  • Benefits:

  • Helps alleviate pain points in back, hips & knees for all night comfort

  • Natural alignment stabilizes pelvis & lower back

  • Tapered edges give your knees full range of mobility to allow you to move throughout the night

  • It contributes to the decompression of the vertebrae of the spine, including the sacral bone.

  • It contributes to your knees resting after arthritis issues or surgeries.

  • It helps in hip deviation issues and recovery from hip surgery, thus relieving the pressure on it when the PelvicPillow™ is placed between the legs.

  • It's helpful for pain points in cervical vertebrae and back.

  • If you have neck straightening, PelvicPillow™ will help you release the pressure between the cervical vertebrae.

  • Using PelvicPillow™ on your cervical vertebrae will help you with your migraines, headaches and myalgia.

  • It releases back pressure during pregnancy by using the PelvicPillow™ between your legs or knees, helping to release the pressure caused by it.


  • Material: Ventilation air hole memory foam
  • Size:  9 in * 9 in * 5.7 in (23 cm * 23 cm * 14.5 cm)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Orthopedic Knee Pillow With Memory Foam

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